At Perusahaan Azan, not only we dedicated ourselves to create great tasting breads and rusks, we are also dedicating ourselves to create great environments and memories for our community.

We believe that every one should have the opportunity to be happy and cheerful. With that in mind, we will continue to reach out to our community in terms of helping those who are in need. Other than that, we will also share our company activities to keep our community up-to-date with what's happening in our company.

Community News

23 Dec 2021

Flood Relief Program

Kuala Klawang, 23 Disember 2021 - At the end of 2021, most states in Malaysia was hit by flash flood. Perusahaan Azan collaborated with Encik Hj Ismail to send flood relief to a temporary placement center at Sury, Kuala Klawang

16 Jun 2021

Kongsi Rezeki Bersama Frontliners

Kuala Pilah, 16 Jun 2021 - Perusahaan Azan organized a program called Kongsi Rezeki Bersama Frontliners as a sign of respect and thanks for the frontliners around Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan .

7 May 2021

Community Relief Program

Kuala Pilah, 7 Mei 2021 - Perusahaan Azan in collaboration with Kumpulan Nak Pandai Mengaji, had given donations aroundKampong Sungai Dua Kecil, Dioh Tengah, Kuala Pilah.