At Perusahaan Azan, not only we dedicated ourselves to create great tasting breads and rusks, we are also dedicating ourselves to create great environments and memories for our community.

We believe that every one should have the opportunity to be happy and cheerful. With that in mind, we will continue to reach out to our community in terms of helping those who are in need. Other than that, we will also share our company activities to keep our community up-to-date with what's happening in our company.

Company News

22 July 2022

19th Halal Expo 2022

Singapore, 22 July 2022 - The 19th edition of Singapore’s leading halal consumer products and food fair features products & services from cooked food, snacks, desserts, beverages, and more.

25 June 2022

MRSM Jubilant Jubilee 50

Seremban, 25 June 2022 - The event MRSM Jubilant Jubilee 50 is to celebrate the 50 year reunion of MRSM Seremban Alumni. This event is closed-venue, meaning only the alumni are invited.

26 May 2022

Kopi Dan Bundle Expo

Sungei Wang, 26-29 Mac 2022 - Kopi Dan Bundle Expo is an event hosted by Kopi Expo. Sellers from different background comes together to sell their products here which are coffee, snacks, and bundles.

27 Mar 2022

Petronas Love Local

Senawang, 27 Mac 2022 - Love Local is an event hosted by Petronas for local business to promote their products. Petronas owners across Negeri Sembilan have visited the program.

18 Mar 2022

Islamic Fest

Rembau, 18 Mac 2022 - Islamic Fest is a program hosted by ECR Event with collaboration with RUN RMB and supported by Negeri Sembilan government. This event is for small business to sell their products here.

3 Feb 2022

Chinese New Year Activity

Dioh, 3 Februari 2022 - For Chinese New Year, we organized an activity among our staff members and operators. This is to strengthen the bonds among the management, staff members and operators.

25 Oct 2021

Promosi dan Jualan Jabatan
Pertanian N.Sembilan

Seremban 2, 25 Oktober 2021 - This program is hosted by Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Sembilan. We started a promotion for our products exclusively on the event. The event lasted for 9 days.